About RouteSync

RouteSync gives the most data demanding companies the ability to dynamically distribute information around the world without utilizing expensive, massive servers or clusters of servers. RouteSync also bridges gaps created by distributed systems, and SaaS solutions, facilitating the distribution of pertinent information at a moment's notice, enabling organizations to align their data distribution infrastructure with their unique business requirements.

No matter which operating system or database and file types you use, RouteSync can distribute your data.

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Synchronize Any Device

RouteSync is revolutionizing the way information is gathered and shared across the world while decreasing the expenses involved. Whether the information is in a database, stored on your PDA, desktop, laptop, smart phone, or any other electronic device that can store information, we have the ability to capture and quickly distribute synchronized information across multiple systems, operating systems and databases.

Thus, our company name, RouteSync, implies what we are doing - routing and distributing information to specific devices and/or computers and synchronizing the information.

Data Distribution Process

The RouteSync formula is simple - only send the right information to the right location at the right time. RouteSync is a type of virtual tree and virtual load balancer combined into one technology. Information may be routed between computers, shared with other computers, and/or rolled up to different levels without distributing unwanted or unnecessary data. The technology and process used allows information to flow up and down hierarchical chains within an organization and allows the information to be filtered as it flows. This gives "professionals on the go" the ability to take only the necessary information they need with them and synch it up quickly when necessary.

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RouteSync data distribution technology is simple, cost effective and proven.

RouteSync eliminates:

  • Transfer of useless information to unnecessary locations
  • Hosting of information at a central site, which causes data bottlenecks
  • Expensive server and/or bandwidth upgrades that process centrally hosted information
  • Wasting money that is spent on electricity and personal computers used by employees to input and replicate data

We can help your organization align or realign your data distribution process. Contact RouteSync today.